does what you need

Connects you with your referral partners


Our network is EHR agnostic which allows you to easily coordinate care with every specialist.

Helps acquire more patients


Emergency rooms, urgent care centers, specialty groups, and home health agencies can refer patients to you with a click. Referrals flow bi-directionally.

Makes your staff happy


ConfirmX eliminates phone calls, being placed on hold, and worrying about whether the fax went through. Click and send is so much easier.

Improves follow-up rates 

Every patient referral is trackable and ensures that the specialty group has scheduled your patients in a timely and acceptable manner.

Here's how we do it 

Referral Partner Flexibility

ConfirmX allows you to send referrals to your normal referral partners, and also allows you to try other specialty groups with just a click if your normal referral partners are too busy.

In-Referral Chatting 

Instantly communicate with your referral partners and send documents about a specific referral without ever having to pick up a phone or go near a fax.

An Open Network

Our community is inclusive of all organizations you need to coordinate care with.


Your staff simply logs in using a web browser to access the most up-to-date software.

Your Referral Network in one place.

Your Patients and Specialists will love you.

ConfirmX allows you to easily manage hundreds of referrals in one place, making your staff happy and saving you money.

So are you ready to learn more?

Referrals matter. ConfirmX delivers.











Referrals Made Easy

We place all of your Specialty Groups on our network which simply allows you to click and send your referrals to everyone.











5-Star Patient Experience

Patients love special treatment, and this makes you look great. ConfirmX is designed to ping the receiving facility instantly so that they can immediately call the patient to schedule the best time for their appointment.  











Instantly Connected

You're instantly connected to every provider and organization on our constantly growing network to better coordinate care. Being connected means better patient experiences and eliminating delays in care.  

We make referral coordination easy with 1000+ top providers!

Easily search by provider type and insurance accepted, then send your referrals and documents with a simple click. No more annoying waiting on hold or archaic faxes. It’s the efficiency you have been waiting for.


Specialists: Be Great to Your Referral Sources

Take care of your referral partners and give them a very easy and free way to send referrals to you. Since our network is open, you can receive referrals from anyone on our network and easily identify new referral sources and opportunities.